H. Boker Good as Gold

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H. Boker Good as Gold

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H. BOKER GOOD AS GOLD ιστορικό ξυράφι της εν’ λόγο εταιρίας με πολλούς θαυμαστές ανά τον κόσμο.
Το συγκεκριμένο ξυράφι ήρθε στην κατοχή μου, σε άριστη κατάσταση και έτοιμο για ξύρισμα. Επτά ξυρίσματα μέχρι τώρα, και το ξυράφι είναι λες και βγήκε πρώτη φορά από τις πέτρες. Δεν ξέρω για τα καινούργια μοντέλα, γιατί δεν έχω, αλλά τα παλιά μοντέλα τα προτείνω ανεπιφύλακτα. Η εταιρία το δίνει στα 5/8, το δικό μου είναι στα 9/16’’ για εκατό και κάτι ψιλά χρονών ξυράφι είναι τέλειο.




Λίγα λόγια για την ιστορία της εταιρίας από το internet.

H. BOKER GOOD AS GOLD model Nr: 1096 straight razor. Made in 1906 y.
Handle length - 5.512 inch (140 mm)
Blade length - 2.756 inch (77 mm)
Blade height - 0.394 inch (15 mm)
Blade thickness - 0.118 inch (4 mm)
Razor folded length - 5.901 inch (155 mm)
The length of the open razor - 9.449 inch (233 mm)
A giant chestnut tree, shading the small Boker tool factory in Remscheid in the 17th century, is the oldest traceable symbol connected with the Boker name. Apparently, Boker tools were very successful, since they were among the leading products in Germany and neighboring countries 100 years later.
Due to the increasing demand in a restless political era, Hermann and Robert Boker decided in 1829 to begin with the production of sabers. As early as September 1830, the accounting records indicate a weekly production of 2,000 items, made by 64 smiths, 47 grinders and a large number of unskilled laborers. In view of the constantly increasing variety of tools and cutting instruments and the good opportunities for worldwide sales, the family realized that the individual steps in the manufacturing process had to be spread out for optimal realization of its interests. As a result, Hermann Boker emigrated and founded H. Boker & Co. in New York. Young Robert developed his enterprise in Canada, founding a branch in Mexico later in 1865. This branch is still a market leader in its country under the name of Casa Boker.
Heinrich crossed the nearby Wupper River and went to Solingen, where the German industry of cutting tools was growing by leaps and bounds at that time. In 1869, he founded Heinr. Boker & Co. with Hermann Heuser, a well-known specialist in the field of cutting tools. The Boker family in Remscheid and their overseas cousins had a lot of interest in and a great demand for shaving blades, scissors and pocket knives from Heinrich's new enterprise. They had to identify their products for the overseas markets in a simple way, since many customers and consumers had problems with the German name Boker - not considering the fact that illiteracy was widely spread. In Heinrich's opinion, the chestnut tree near the Remscheid facility represented an ideal, easy-to-remember symbol. This brand symbol was owned by the Remscheid Company, together with a second logo, the arrow. One of the few valuable documents that survived the total destruction of WWII is an ad by Boker, Remscheid, from the year 1874, showing both logos.
As early as 1900, the majority of articles produced by Boker were distributed in the US market. H. Boker & Co. in New York concentrated primarily on cutting tools from Solingen. Soon pocket knives became more important than scissors, shaving blades and eating utensils. The demand increased even more rapidly than Solingen was able to supply, so that the Americans in New York began their own production of pocket knives. A little later, pliers were included as well. Since the tree symbol had become well known by then and the various branches of the international Boker family enjoyed an excellent relationship among each other, it was not difficult to receive permission from the Solingen relatives to use the tree symbol also for the American products. Since that time, two different lines of Boker knives have been on the American market with the same brand symbol, sometimes even with the same article numbers, but one line was made in the USA and the other in Solingen. Only the declaration of marketability clarified that one line was from Boker USA and the other from H. Boker Improved Cutlery Solingen.

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